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"I have never been a quitter. To leave office before my term is completed is abhorrent to every instinct in my body. But as President, I must put the interest of America first."

– Richard M. Nixon, 37th President of the United States of America

AS JOHN ADAMS WROTE, AND NEWLY-SWORN IN President Gerald Ford reminded us, we live under "a government of laws, and not of men." When one man becomes too much of a distraction, he must sacrifice himself and put his country first. No amount of talking, no amount of arguing, will make any difference. The message has been lost, overwhelmed by the bombast of the messenger. No one is listening. The hatreds are too strong. The best that we can hope for at such a time is to agree to disagree, and go our separate ways. It’s just not going to work. There are irreconcilable differences. For the sake of the country, it’s time for President Trump to resign.

As is common in such splits, there is, in fact, someone else. Conservatives, no longer blinded by adolescent infatuation, now think they’re ready to settle down with Pence. Sure, he may not be as exciting as Trump, but Pence will be a good, conservative provider, and serve as the faithful head of a strong, traditional, and united Republican family. For too long, the sideshows have distracted us from the center ring. We need a Ring Master, not a Clown-in-Chief.

ON THE OTHER HAND, our nation is proud of its peaceful transfer of executive power every four or eight years. After the ballots have been counted, those supporting the losing candidate know they had their chance, but their fellow Americans thought otherwise. They lick their wounds and prepare to present a better case to the American people four years hence. Resignation would set a precedent that could threaten this democratic tradition, giving detractors eternal hope that their continual whining and bullying will result in executive impotence and an early withdrawal. Why stop at running one president out of office? Give his successor the same treatment. Democrats will simply transfer their hatred to Pence, and nothing will change.

THE CHAIRMAN, resigned to the reality that our long national nightmare is far from over, has called a debate to settle the topic:

RESOLVED:  Resignation Makes Us Stronger!

The Debate will be held on Wednesday, October 4th, 2017, at the University Club, 420 Summit Avenue, in Saint Paul. The Chancellor will preside over drinks beginning at seven o’clock p.m. The debate will begin at half past seven. There is no dress code, however gentlemen who wish to speak must wear a tie; ladies are encourage to adhere to a similar sartorial standard. For those gentlemen arriving sans tie yet wishing to discourse on the resolution, the Purveyor of Ties will keep on hand several remarkable selections. Questions regarding debate caucus procedures of about the John Adams Society itself may be directed to the Chairman at (651) 245-6991 or the Secretary at (651) 485-1699.