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David W. Downing


G. Larry Colson Jr.

Chief Whip

Marina Wolff


MAY 2018

Please Note Change of Location: O’GARA’S BAR & GRILL

"There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on… shame on you. Fool me… you can’t get fooled again."

- President George W. Bush

THERE’S AN OLD SAYING THAT A LEOPARD doesn’t change its spots. Likewise, don’t hold your breath waiting for a RINO to change its political "stripes"! Twice, conservative voters sent Tim Pawlenty to the governor’s office, and twice, he let them down, increasing both government spending and government control over their lives, and rolling over and playing dead rather than standing strong in the path of charging liberal legislation.

Ethanol, mass transit, publicly financed stadiums, minimum wage increases, importation of price-controlled Canadian drugs, a "health impact" cigarette fee/tax, and a smoking ban – did he ever meet an expansion of government that he did not like? We must not get fooled again. The candidate may coo conservatively, but as governor he will hiss, "“You knew I was a RINO when you voted me in."

ON THE OTHER HAND, a hypothetical governor – no matter how perfectly conservative – cannot sign (nor veto) any bills. It is imperative that someone – anyone – who is not a liberal Democrat be elected governor of Minnesota in 2018. And Pawlenty has shown the ability to defeat the Dems. He may be a RINO, but doggonit, he’s our RINO. This year, it may just come down to a case of the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.

THE CHAIRMAN, who studies history but refuses to learn from it, in the meantime has called a debate to settle the topic:

RESOLVED: Two Terms is Paw-lenty!


The Debate will be held on May 2, 2018, at O’Gara’s Bar & Grill, 164 Snelling Avenue North, in Saint Paul at the corner of Snelling and Selby.  Additional parking is available in the Associated Bank parking lot, one block to the north.

The Chancellor will preside over drinks beginning at seven o’clock p.m. The debate will begin at half past seven. There is no dress code, however gentlemen who wish to speak must wear a tie; ladies are encouraged to adhere to a similar sartorial standard. For those gentlemen arriving sans tie yet wishing to discourse on the resolution, the Purveyor of Ties will keep on hand several remarkable selections. Questions regarding debate caucus procedures or about the John Adams Society itself may be directed to the Chairman at (651)245-6991 or the Secretary at (651)485-1699.