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Please Note Change of Location: Shamrocks Grill & Pub 995 7th Street W., Saint Paul, MN 55102

"You know, men do nearly all die laughing, because they know death is very terrible and a thing to be forgotten till after it has come."

- T.E. Lawrence - In a letter to his mother, 1916

BRUTALLY MURDERING AND TORTURING dissidents is standard operating procedure for Saudi Arabia. Our military protection has ensued the carnage among civilians in the disastrous war in Yemen. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's dark side is getting darker. The time has come Saudi Arabia, to stop basing our middle east strategy on you!

Economic and political sanctions on Saudi Arabia would be far less painful to the US than in the past. US domestic energy production today is almost 90 percent of our consumption. If necessary, our modern economy could withstand a downturn in the currently enjoyed US/Saudi trade surplus. MBS needs the United States. The crown prince's dream of a high tech city in the desert will never materialize without western knowledge, people and investment.

ON THE OTHER HAND, Saudi Arabia does work close with the US to counter the influence of Iran and terrorism. Furthermore, Mohammed bin Salman is liberalizing Saudi Arabia. Saudi women are now allowed to drive. Restrictive dress codes and gender segregation in public spaces are no longer enforced. Music concerts and sports events are being promoted. The Saudi government has made it clear they will not passively soak up western sanctions and we do not want to risk destabilizing the monarchy over ugly geopolitical matters that are Saudi Arabia's concerns.

THE CHAIRMAN, who prefers to wear his rose colored glasses, has called a debate to settle the question:

RESOLVED: Dear Saudi Arabia, we're through!

The Debate will be held on November 14, 2018, at Shamrocks Grill & Pub, 995 7th Street W., in Saint Paul (West 7th near Randolph Ave.)

The Chancellor will preside over drinks beginning at seven o’clock p.m. The debate will begin at half past seven. There is no dress code, however gentlemen who wish to speak must wear a tie; ladies are encouraged to adhere to a similar sartorial standard. For those gentlemen arriving sans tie yet wishing to discourse on the resolution, the Purveyor of Ties will keep on hand several remarkable selections.

In addition, the Chairman encourages all to join him as early as 6:30 pm for a bite to eat. Let us thank Shamrocks for the use of their room in the most sincere way possible -- by spending our money. God Bless Free Enterprise!
Questions regarding debate caucus procedures or about the John Adams Society itself may be directed to the Chairman at (651)485-1699 or the Secretary at (612)968-3493.