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Melvin R. Welch             Mark S. Sanquist           Christopher T. Wolff         Marina Wolff

Chairman                      Secretary                        Chief Whip                      Chancellor

December 20, 2023
Location: Burger Moe’s, St. Paul

What does ‘economic justice’ mean, except that you want something that someone else produced, without having to produce anything yourself in return?

—Dr. Thomas Sowell

SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS have an endless supply of demands. We must provide student loans so they can pursue degrees in gender studies; we must pay off their student loans when it turns out there are too many uneducated hobbyists coming up with new genders on their own, reducing the demand for well-qualified gender inventors; we must subsidize their housing so they can move out of the basement and not have to listen to their parents urging them to get a job; we must subsidize electric vehicles so they can feel morally superior to the rest of us as they save the world from the non-woke; we must believe all (non-Israeli) women, but let men take over women’s sports and share their locker rooms and bathrooms.

They are like an insatiable monster, one that doesn’t know how the world works, but has a plan to make everything better. We must stop using fossil fuels and change everything over to run on electricity, and at the same time close down all electric power plants. Complying with their demands is never enough; we must also chant their slogans (and really believe in them), and always use their preferred pronouns of the moment. Life would be much easier if they were just Godzilla intent on destroying our major cities (reasonable people have already started evacuating them anyway).

ON THE OTHER HAND, we have had good people and bad people since Cain and Abel. We shouldn’t be surprised that this is still true, and we shouldn’t form our opinion of our fellow humans by the news coverage. Virtue isn’t newsworthy, but protests, conflict and violence are (if it bleeds, it leads). The people who pay the taxes that fund all of those Social Justice giveaways also give hundreds of billions of dollars to charities each year. The Christmas spirit is neither gone nor forgotten; it is alive and well, but just isn’t newsworthy.

THE CHAIRMAN didn’t want to be like the Grinch right before Christmas, Yeti has called for a debate:

RESOLVED:  Man is more Abominable Snowman than Santa Claus!

The debate will be held on Wednesday, December 20, 2023, at Burger Moe’s, 242 West 7th Street, St. Paul, MN 55102. 

The Chancellor and Chairman encourage people to arrive before 7 o’clock p.m. and to thank our host venue by spending money while partaking of food and drink. The debate will begin at half past seven.  Gentlemen who wish to speak must wear a tie, and ladies are asked to uphold a similar sartorial standard. For gentlemen arriving sans tie yet wishing to discourse on the resolution, the Purveyor of Ties will have on hand several from his remarkable collection. Questions regarding caucus procedures or about the John Adams Society may be directed to the Chairman at (612) 741-3272 or the Secretary at (651) 552-8744.